Frequent questions

Domestic Users living in the urban area may retire the Kit until September 10 at Info-points set up at Piazza Garibaldi and Giardini di Via Tommaso Fiore, every day from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 17.00 to 20.00 (closed Tuesday). Domestic Users living in the Agro area and Non-Domestic Users (business users) will receive the Kit at home.

You can delegate a person to pick up the kit by filling in billing the delegation as in fax-like:

All Domestic and Non-Domestic Users. The card contains an identification code for each user with a number associated at the municipality.

In case of loss and/or theft of the user car and/or dustbin, you must contact the law enforcement authorities to file a regular compliant as they both have a code identifying you and your municipality. If you break your user card or containers, you can call the toll free number 800.098.563 to replace them. Remember to return the broken materials. If you move to another city, you need to return the card and the container.

If you move to another city, you need to return the card and the container.

You can confer your waste, with the exception of residual dry waste, at the Waste Collection Center.


No. The containers must lie on public ground to be withdrawn.

Yes, but only if the envelopes are compostable.

Check out the Ecoguida delivered with the Kit, visit the “Collection Guide” section on the website www.aroba6noci.it or call the toll free number 800.098.563.

Consult the Ecoguida delivered with the kit (pages 34, 35, 36, 37) or call the toll free number 800098563.

Agro area is exclusively what is located outside a perimeter made up of the superstrada Putignano-Alberobello and the railway line.

Residents in the Agro are will be served weekly for the withdrawal of all waste. Afterwards, the service will also be optimized with the on-demand service.

“Public ground” is the place (not private) closest to the door of the house (so not the corner of the inset or the sidewalk in front).

When the bags delivered in the kit are terminated, you can go to the Waste Collection Centre to get other bags.

The condominium system cannot be required to replace the use of the containers delivered to thedomestic users. All domestic users must get and use the domestic containers. After a few months from the beginning of the service, only in case of objectively criticism and after all the needed controls, the condominium administrator will convene a condominium assembly and, with the unanimity of those present, ask for permission to use the condominium containers, according to the special regulation.