Domestic Users

The collection’s Kit


Organic is all that waste material we produce at home with the preparation of food lunch and dinner leftovers, or when we take care of our plants and our garden.


The under-sink container is located in the kitchen area closest to the production of organic waste. In the under-sink container you will insert the bags that have been delivered to you within the kit bearing the word “organic”. You can use any bag, as long as compostable.


Multipurpose container is for the collection, in turn, of plastic, glass and metal and paper.
According to the type of waste to be exposed every day, fill the multipurpose container only with materials belonging to this type.

Secco residuo

The residual dry is all that material advances after differentiating all the material that can be differentiated.

Busta organico

The organic envelopes delivered with the kit should be placed in the floor and filled with organic waste. When they are full they must be closed and placed in the brown container to be exposed in the expected day.

Busta plastica

10865478 - recycling rubbish

Put plastic waste in the yellow envelopes delivered in the kit (or any other envelope, provided plastic). Once filled, they must be closed and placed in the yellow multipurpose container to be exposed in the calendar day.

Busta carta

Put waste paper in the paper bags delivered in the kit; Once full, place the paper bags in the yellow multipurpose container to be exposed in the expected day. Remember that you can also throw the paper directly into the container, without a bag.

Tessera e ecoguida

The Guide contains all the information to make the collection separate with the new “door to door” service the correct way. The card is personal and contains a code that allows the identification of all utilities.

How do you collect it?


Find your sector, check out the collection calendar and put waste in the right container.


Put the dustbin out in the hours of the day indicated by the calendar.


Retire the empty container
and begins to fill it again.

Download the informative material